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Titanic was made by James Cameron.


  • Certificate :


The certificate of this film is 12A.


  • The stars :


The main characters are played by famous faces :

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet plays Rose Dewitt Bukater.

Rose’s husband is played by Billy Zane.


  • The plot :


Most of the scenes in Titanictake place on a liner.

The story starts at the time the film was made (1997).

Old Rose contacts some researchers who are looking for « the Heart of the Ocean », a necklace, because it used to be hers.

Arrived on the researchers’ boat, old Rose relates her story on the Titanic, to help them to find the necklace.

Then, we go in the past in 1912 on a liner called Titanic, where young Rose falls in love with Jack Dawson.

Old Rose also tells the researchers how the Titanic sank.

But how could « the Heart of the Ocean » disappear ?


  • Fave characters :


Jack and Rose are lovely !

The way they first meet isn’t that nice because Rose is about to commit suicide, but fortunately Jack convinces her to go back on the deck.

The whole film is so romantic !

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are brilliant actors.




  • Best bits :


There so many best bits !

But the best one is when Rose and Jack kiss for the first time.

The special effects are amazingly good !

It just seemed like if the liner was really sinking !


  • Weak bits :


Is it possible to find any weak bit in this film ?

Maybe one : the moment when the liner is sinking and everybody is dying is extremely sad ; but at the same point it wouldn’t be the same film without this bit.





Rating :


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