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All ages admitted (G)


The stars

Anne Hathaway plays Andrea Sachs who is the main character. Meryl Streep plays Miranda Priestly the chief editor of a look magazine: Runway. Simon Baker and Adrian Grenier play Andrea’s boyfriends. Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci play the people from Runway.


The plot

Andrea Sachs is a woman who has a job in a look magazine. But the chief editor gives Andrea a hard time. The poor girl runs all day long in New York to keep her job. Gradually she becomes like the people who work for Runway. She goes into the fashion world. Unfortunately her boyfriend doesn’t like this new life. So they've got problems in their relationship. But Andrea continues to become a journalist. She meets a writer who helps in her job. Day after day she falls in love with him.


Best bits

My best bit is when Andrea Sachs gets makeover. There is a big change! She is not the same person. When she comes in the reserve, she dazzles. It is paradise! People look at her differently.

Fave characters

Meryl Streep is brilliant. She is a very good actress. The character was made for her. Her character is wicked but she is grateful to Andrea. She is really amazing. For me she is the best actress.



Any weak bits

I am slightly disappointed about the trip in Paris. I was expecting to see more things because Paris is the fashion city.

I don’t like when I learn that Miranda Priestly loses her job because without her, Runway is nothing.


Hit or miss

See this film with your family or your friends. It’s very good!